Best New Amusement Park Attraction

15th January 2019 Best New Amusement Park Attraction Each summer, amusement parks across the United States introduce park goers to a new lineup of attractions, from extreme thrill rides [...]

IAAPA reveals Brass Ring Award winners 2018

The International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) presented its annual Brass Ring Awards on Wednesday, November 14, during IAAPA Attractions Expo in Orlando. As always, the winners were [...]

 Busch Gardens Williamsburg’s new attraction

28 June 2018 - Busch Gardens Williamsburg’s new attraction for 2018 offers an exhilarating virtual reality (VR) experience on a motion simulator. It is, says park president Kevin Lembke, the first of [...]

Battle for Eire Panel Discussion

 Panel discussion on Busch Gardens Williamsburg's newest attraction, Battle for Eire, with BGW Vice President of Engineering Larry Giles, Falcon's Creative Group President Cecil Magpuri , and DreamCraft's [...]

Busch Gardens launches Battle for Eire

30 Mar 2018 - Busch Gardens’ Battle for Eire is nearly at hand. During a preview of the ride Friday, park officials expressed high hopes for what they said is a [...]


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