Battle for Eire Panel Discussion

 Panel discussion on Busch Gardens Williamsburg's newest attraction, Battle for Eire, with BGW Vice President of Engineering Larry Giles, Falcon's Creative Group President Cecil Magpuri , and DreamCraft's Director of Technical Services, Mark Stepanian.   Video Filmed by ©Attraction Chasers Back to News

Media Day Report: Battle For Eire at Busch Gardens Williamsburg

2 Apr 2018 -  Busch Gardens Williamsburg’s motion simulator theater has quite the storied history. Originally opened as “Questor” in the area the park  then known as “Hastings” in 1990, the theater has housed multiple attractions: Questor (1990-1995) and King Arthur’s Challenge (1996-2000) in Hastings, and after Ireland debuted at Busch Gardens Williamsburg in 2001, [...]

Busch Gardens now houses an amazing VR setup

3 Apr 2018 - I need this rig for my home headset right now. I have worn a lot of different HTC Vive headsets. I enjoy the design, but setting the headset up the first time so it fits you just right can be a little on the tedious side. Which is one of several reasons I was [...]

Busch Gardens launches Battle for Eire

30 Mar 2018 - Busch Gardens’ Battle for Eire is nearly at hand. During a preview of the ride Friday, park officials expressed high hopes for what they said is a unique attraction that blends 360-degree virtual reality, a motion simulator and a fairy tale. The simulator has been used in the past by the park [...]

Ride Review: Battle for Eire at Busch Gardens Williamsburg

30 Mar 2018 - Virtual reality (or VR) has been around for several years, and theme parks have been trying various ways to incorporate the technology with mixed results. The prospect of immersing guests into a new world without the need for dozens of screens, costly and inflexible props, and difficult to maintain animatronic figures has [...]

Ride Makers CAVU Team Up with One Bit Labs to Establish New Virtual Reality Company

24 Nov 2016 - DreamCraft combines the traditional dark ride experience with VR Media-based attractions specialists CAVU Designwerks and videogame development studio One Bit Labs have teamed up to form DreamCraft Attractions – a new company dedicated to creating cutting-edge ride systems featuring virtual reality. Coming together to create ‘the first premier VR ride experience’, [...]

CAVU Designwerks and DreamCraft Attractions Make VR a Social, Interactive Experience

18 November 2016 - CAVU Designwerks (Booth #1386) is on a mission to make the world of virtual reality (VR) a friendlier place with DreamCraft Attractions—a partnership between the media-based attractions company and One Bit Labs, a development studio that specializes in gaming. Rather than a passive ride experience, DreamCraft uses real-time, full-body motion capture [...]

DreamCraft Attractions Announces CEO and Unveils VR Product

16 November 2016 – DreamCraft Attractions, Ltd. (DreamCraft), a connected corporation of CAVU Designwerks, Inc. (CAVU), and One Bit Labs (OBL) announces today the appointment of its Chief Executive Officer, 40-year industry veteran Vernon McGugan. With over 23 years of experience working at Disney theme park operations and an additional 20 years of experience with [...]

CAVU Designwerks Announces New Company, Major Product Sale

November 2016 - Media-based attractions provider CAVU Designwerks, Inc. has announced the launch of a connected corporation and a major sale of one of its own products to a resort in China. The new CAVU-affiliated company, DreamCraft Attractions, Ltd., will develop revolutionary theme park experiences by integrating engineered ride systems with technologies including but not [...]

CAVU Announces Launch of New VR, AR & AI Ride Company: DreamCraft Attractions

18 October 2016 - CAVU Designwerks Inc. (CAVU), an attractions provider that specializes in delivering media-based attractions to the theme park industry, has announced the launch of its connected corporation, DreamCraft Attractions Ltd. The new company will develop revolutionary theme park experiences by integrating engineered ride systems with technologies including Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Artificial [...]