In the theme park industry, VR has yet to fully transport us to worlds we can believe in. By combining ride systems with virtual and augmented reality expertise, DreamCraft Attractions introduces the first fully immersive, entertainment experience, in which every guest is transported to a unique world.


Historically, innovation in the theme park industry has been focused on increasing the speed, enhancing the media, or introducing new IP to an attraction. DreamCraft Attractions is delivering innovation by changing the industry’s perception about immersive experiences. By integrating technologies such as VR, AR, and AI with engineered ride systems, DreamCraft is able to place guests “inside the frame.” We call this “Next Level Immersion.” No longer is the guest a passive observer, looking through a window. Now, guests are active participants with the complete ability to engage in and impact the story, opening up a whole new realm of storytelling.


Far beyond a traditional media-based attraction, and more than just “shooting at a movie that does not change,” every guest will see a uniquely rendered and reacting world that will respond in meaningful ways to their inputs, both through hardware and natural body gestures. As active participants with the ability to engage with and impact the story, guests’ actions, decisions and achievements will alter their experiences, producing a cause/effect reaction that determines what they see inside their own, tailored virtual world.

For the first time ever, guests will also be able to interact with friends and family while inside the VR experience, and will have the ability to work together to accomplish a task or to overcome an obstacle.


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